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To become the first brand of bamboo broom
1Company strength

Existing workers more than 30 people,Daily processing capacity1500The left and right sides,Perennial processing all kinds of bamboo broom;

My company in the local government support to stand out of the town of leading enterprises,Products all over the country,Get the customer the consistent high praise;

2Bamboo broom solid and durable,Complete specifications

Mouldproof and moth-proofing,Design a lot,Can make different specifications products according to customer's drawings;

Using fine bamboo all handmade,Process is beautiful,Solid and durable,Economical and practical、Non-toxic harmless;

Use zipper band,Tight not apart,Particularly applicable to sweep the dust;Use effect is ordinary broom several times;

3The sanitation into fine bamboo broom、Wide range of USES

The original bamboo series products adopt peasant natural wild cane bound edge,Appearance is beautiful,Work fine,Burr does not hurt the hand;

Applicable to various organs unit、The sanitation、Enterprise、The factory、Construction site、The park、The zoo、Farms、A large breeding base, etc;

4Conjoined pure hand-made woven bamboo broom,Reasonable price

Beautiful shape、Strong and durable、Economical and practical、Life is ordinary broom3-5Times;

All the products selected growth period6Years of bamboo,After cleaning、Cooking、Mouldproof、Moth-proofing dry processing;

Using pure manual compiled,Durable,Reasonable price,Every process is strictly by decades of return;

5Rich experience,Banding is reasonable

Our teacher is a couple of years to decades experience of cunning work,Attentively complete each product,Is our promise;

Adhere to the qualified after for each product packaging,Every five for a bundle,Loading and unloading is more convenient;

6Perfect after-sales service for you

The system of service process and professional customer service24Satisfactory service hours;

Support for client review and consultation on a regular basis,Guide the operation、Maintenance and so on various aspects of knowledge;

Company profile
Jiaxiang bamboo trade co., LTD

 Jiaxiang million bamboo trading co., LTD is located in shandong jiaxiang Meng Gu DuZhuang Village before set township,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Products are exported to all over the country often。My company is specialized in processing and sales of bamboo broom、Bamboo broom、Jin Miao broom、Big broom and other products;We produced a broom price is reasonable,Complete specifications,Quality assured。Existing workers more than 30 people,Daily processing capacity1500The left and right sides,Perennial processing all kinds of bamboo broom。For rural courtyard,Engineering,The school,Workshop,The road,Urban road,Cleaning of the barn!
My company in the local government support to stand out of the town of leading enterprises,Products all over the country,Get the customer the consistent high praise,Our company always adhere to the good quality,The prestige good business philosophy,Create a broom industry first-class brand。The company in line with me“The customer is supreme,The good faith is supreme”The principle of,Welcome new and old customers to come to advisory order:15064724699。
We treat every guest as partners,Will listen carefully to the guest's needs,To the guest provides effective and professional advice made the guest can enjoy one-stop professional services。The accurate delivery time and excellent quality is our consistent commitment。As the change of market changing requirements,We also constantly strive to improve the ability of research and development of new products。We are willing to together with our customers to create and realize a harmonious win-win situation,Common success。

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