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  Garden city jie da sol co., LTD. Is located in garden city, hubei province sand lakes town roads12Number,Was built in2003Years,Cover an area of an area12000Square meters,The construction area8950Square meters。Is a professional manufacturer of silica sol。
  The company is equipped with the general manager room、Quality control department、Supply and marketing section、The production department、Keeping families、This the finance department、Information division, etc,The existing staff75People,The college students12People,Engineer2People,Special professionals6People。The company fixed assets1200Ten thousand yuan,Liquidity800Ten thousand yuan。 With annual、Silica sol3Ten thousand tons,Adoption of advanced wind membrane enrichment、Sodium silicate ion growth process,The quality is stable and reliable,Detection equipment is complete。Products are sodium type、Ammonium type、The acid type、Aluminum type colloidal silica。Widely used in precision casting、Refractory materials、Iron and steel、Coatings、Paper making、Textiles、Petroleum and chemical industry as a catalyst carrier、Battery industry as sulfate coagulate agent、Electrostatic flocking, and other industries。Especially be revestment precision casting surface(830Type)And back layer(1430Type)Special silicon sol and larger production base。Our company with technology、Quality、The market as the guidance。In strict accordance with theIOSInternational standard quality management system is established,And in2004Years passedISO9001-2000Certification;High quality and low price,Well received by users。Is the product quality trustworthy unit。
  We are willing to help your support,With our sincere attitude and redouble efforts,Common development with you,Create brilliant tomorrow

Silica sol
Chemistry is known as the silicon sol silicate,In the sol。It is the basic composition of silica,The molecular formula ismsio2·Dehydration,SiO 2Most of the plastic body formation dispersed in water,Somulti-solIs the polymer molecules silica colloidal solution。Appearance white or transparent solutiontanseiLike。
In recent years,As the coating,Adhesives,Refractory insulation materials,Ceramics,Textiles,Metallurgy,The casting,Paper making,Pharmaceutical and other industries need more and more silica sol,Especially in recent years,The construction of inorganic polymer coating,A larger application of silica sol,Open up wider market。

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